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Deliberate Practice (Ep. 9)

Thomas and I have spent quite a bit of time trying to learn various skills. Probably a few too many for our own good, in all fairness, but still.

Given that, we’ve had to fight the impatience of learning something new many times. It’s frustrating to pick up a new instrument or cookbook and completely fail to do what you were hoping to do over and over.

One of the best ways to push through these more frustrating parts of skill growth is the art of deliberate practice: honing in on a single piece of the skill you want to learn and working on that part specifically.

Before you play this episode, perhaps consider a skill you’ve been working on or thinking about. Maybe by the end, you’ll have some ideas on how you can introduce more deliberate practice into your own ventures.

Things mentioned in this episode:

This week’s episode is sponsored by:

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Other things we mentioned in this episode:

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  • 0:00:00 – Intro
  • 0:02:24 – What we’ve been up to
  • 0:18:54 – Deliberate practice
  • 0:22:42 – Sponsor: Skillshare (Learning new skills)
  • 0:25:02 – Sponsor: Hover (Buying a domain name)
  • 0:27:14 – How we practice deliberately
  • 0:38:57 – Getting a teacher and feeling incompetent
  • 0:56:12 – Copying other people
  • 1:03:16 – Taking measures against being sedentary
  • 1:10:08 – Dealing with a video game addiction
  • 1:18:50 – Conclusion

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